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INVESTMENT CO., LTD 19 / 5-179 - 4300833391

English name: INVESTMENT CO., LTD 19 / 5-179

Vietnamese name:CÔNG TY TRÁCH NHIỆM HỮU HẠN ĐẦU TƯ 19/5-179

Business address:Can PG311 Vincom plaza Quang Ngai, No. 26 Le Thanh Ton, Nghia Chanh Ward, Quang Ngai City, Tinh Quang Ngai,

Company/business tax code:4300833391

Registration number.:4300833391

Business registration date:2019-03-04

Start date of operation :2019-03-04

Number of employees:9 - 14

Legal representative: DANG THANH LONG

Last updated : 04/03/2019

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